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Conservation Legacy


Large scale, local impact

Fostering conservation service in support of communities & ecosystems since 1998.

For over 25 years, Conservation Legacy has been engaging individuals to complete important conservation projects throughout the nation, envisioning a legacy of healthy lands, air and water; thriving people and resilient communities.

Conservation Legacy provides support for local conservation service programs under the leadership of a national organization, delivering high quality programming in communities across the country to produce enduring impact through local action.

Conservation Legacy programs engage participants on diverse conservation and community service projects that provide opportunities for personal and professional development and meet the high-priority needs of public land managers and community partners. In 2023, Conservation Legacy engaged over 2,300 youth, young adults, and veterans in conservation, restoration and community development projects and contributed 1.3 million hours of service to public lands.

Working in close collaboration with partners across the country, Conservation Legacy advances goals of increasing opportunities in conservation, stewardship, national service and workforce development.

Our programs include:

Annual Reports

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Strategic Plan

2022 Strategic Plan

Conservation Legacy is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Federal Tax ID (EIN): 84-1450808


We envision a world with healthy lands, air and water; thriving people and resilient communities.


Conservation Legacy engages future leaders who protect, restore, and enhance our nation’s lands through community-based service.

Our Values

Our core values express the priorities integral to Conservation Legacy: People, Land, Community and Service. At Conservation Legacy, we...

Engage the powerful leadership of the next generation.

We honor the expertise, energy, and commitment of young people by maintaining an unwavering commitment to welcoming work environments where everyone may live authentically.

Center inclusivity at the core of our diversity and equity work.

Through intentional and equitable inclusion of diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and lived experiences in our daily work, we grow in our understanding, compassion, and creation of innovative solutions to the challenges we face.

Believe in healing people by healing the land.

The natural environment is a unique source of healing and resiliency for individuals and communities. We are committed to learning from the land on which we work and the greater landscapes and cultural histories surrounding us.

Prioritize community first.

Our work only moves forward in community with one another, among our teams, and with local and natural communities where our work takes us. We prioritize listening first to the values and needs of local communities, members, and partners as we build relationships.

Know service is our path to a better future.

Hands-on work in service to our land fosters a sense of purpose in our lives while instilling both humility and confidence. Service work builds crucial leadership skills and creates bonds among diverse populations that strengthen our commitment to justice, equity, and reducing human impact on our changing climate.