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  • Two crew members pass off a large rock in desert canyon

    Crews close social trails, a bane of erosion, E. Coli and ecosystem impacts, along Oak Creek

    Arizona Conservation Corps

    October 22, 2021 | "This week, a group of Arizona Conservation Corps (AZCC) members completed the second phase of a project that officials hope will rehabilitate many areas along the corridor that have been hit hard by visitors, improve water quality in the creek and protect habitat for the threatened narrow-headed garter snake.

    The project, a collaboration between countless groups including the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, National Forest Foundation, Coconino National Forest’s Red Rock District and the AZCC, seeks to close hundreds of unofficial social trails that crisscross the area between the highway and the creek."

    Source: Arizona Daily Sun

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  • 1st photo: Veteran holding a chainsaw on dirt road; 2nd photo: Veteran standing for camera in front of building

    Post-9/11 Veterans can apply to become wildland firefighter

    Veterans Fire Corps

    October 19th, 2021 | "Post-9/11 Veterans looking for a career as a wildland firefighter can apply to the Southeast Conservation Corps Veterans Fire Corps program.

    Squads work on fire mitigation and fuels reduction projects on public lands, giving back to the surrounding communities. Veterans must be flexible, adaptable and able to work in a fluid, changing work environment."

    Source: Vantage Point

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  • Wuptaki Pueblo Courtesy Nps

    $1.3M Getty Grant will Protect and Preserve Wupatki National Monument

    Ancestral Lands

    September 22, 2021 | "As part of its engagement at Wupatki, the Penn team and partners will also expand professional training, cultural heritage education, and career discovery opportunities for Native youth focused on the conservation of American Indian ancestral sites, including a 12-week summer program in partnership with Conservation Legacy’s Ancestral Lands Conservation Corps. The program will incorporate fieldwork, job shadowing, and mentoring by cultural resources advisors from Northern Arizona Tribes and a 10-week summer internship program for Native degree-seeking students through Northern Arizona University."

    Source: Native News Online

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  • Crew leader smiling in the forest

    On your next hike, spare a thought for the trail builders who made it possible

    September 15th, 2021 | "You don’t see them as you kick through the leaves on your hike. You won’t see them as you squeeze through an inviting crevice between two boulders to discover what’s beyond. Don’t look for them as you pedal toward a perfectly placed berm or you may tumble off your bike. Just know that the people responsible for the thrilling ride and the beckoning passageway, the people who plan where you will step and what you will view — they see you. These trail workers are the unseen architects guiding your interaction with the great outdoors."

    Source: The Washington Post

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  • Robert, Shandiin, and Marshall pose side by side

    Conservation Legacy is proud to announce Ancestral Lands as the recipient of the 2021 Outdoor Retailer Inspiration Award in the nonprofit category.

    Ancestral Lands

    August 12, 2021 | The 11th Annual Outdoor Retailer Inspiration Awards celebrate champions of the outdoor community who inspire and encourage others to enjoy, participate in, and support outdoor recreation. Annual awards are presented to individuals, organizations, and companies within the outdoor recreation industry. This year’s recipients have been announced at the virtual ceremony, which occurred on Wednesday, August 11, 2021, in conjunction with the Outdoor Retailer summer market in Denver.

  • Zuni crew members working on a dirt slope

    Zuni crew and volunteers collaborate on erosion control project at Chavez Pass

    Ancestral Lands

    August 1st, 2021 | "As the sun inched higher, so did the temperatures, but record heat did not slow down a dedicated group of Zuni Ancestral Lands Conservation Corps members working alongside volunteer archaeologists at Chavez Pass, located approximately 15 miles south of Meteor Crater. The group was beginning the first phase of a long-term initiative addressing erosion issues while also documenting archaeological sites in the area."

    Source: Arizona Daily Sun

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  • Bridge crossing over a rushing stream

    Civilian Conservation Corps shaped Colorado. Joe Neguse and Joe Biden think it’s time for a reboot. 

    Conservation Legacy

    June 1st, 2021 |“It worked before and it can work again,” the Democrat from Lafayette said of the New Deal-era program, which he and President Joe Biden would like to revive — albeit on a smaller scale and focused on combating climate change. Neguse’s plan is to empower nonprofits and government agencies to build trails and fences, fight forest fires, remove invasive species and do an array of other work, primarily on public lands. In return, the organizations would receive federal money.

    Source: The Denver Post

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  • Fedconsplant Plugs At Pks 1280X855

    Conservation Corps NC plugs first living shoreline project

    Conservation Corps North Carolina

    June 1st, 2021 | The six-person AmeriCorps crew, volunteers and federation staff planted the salt marsh grass, completing a restoration project put in place to reduce shoreline erosion, protect the area’s maritime forest from storms, provide fish habitat and help improve coastal water quality, according to the federation. The AmeriCorps crew also collected marine debris and did maintenance work at Cape Lookout National Seashore, Carolina Beach State Park, Morris Landing in Holly Ridge and other spots on the central and southern North Carolina coast.

    Source: Coastal Review

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  • Appalachian Conservation Corps Crew

    In service to the public and the environment: the Appalachian Conservation Corps

    Appalachian Conservation Corps

    May 13th, 2021 | [Podcast]: Listen to Zach Foster, Director of the of the Appalachian Conservation Corps talk about the role of reforesting Eastern Kentucky.

    Source: 88.9 WEKU

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  • 609A96931Fd35 Image

    NC Coastal Federation, partners work on living shoreline at Pine Knoll Shores Town Hall

    Conservation Corps North Carolina

    May 11th, 2021 | The coastal federation has been promoting living shorelines in recent years as an environmentally friendly alternative to bulkheads. For the Pine Knoll Shores project, the federation hired Restoration Systems LLC of Raleigh to build an oyster sill for the effort. Dr. Weaver said as of Friday, they’ve built 15 feet of the 50-foot sill. “We have this new material, Biomason, we’re trying out with the sill,” Dr. Weaver said. She went on to explain Biomason is a product made of biological concrete mixed with oyster shells, giving it a “low-carbon footprint.”

    Source: Carteret County News-Times

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