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Conservation Legacy

Arizona Conservation Corps Crew Members at work

Join Conservation Legacy!

Exciting, challenging, rewarding—there is no one word to describe participating in a Conservation Legacy Program. You’ll learn, but it will probably take sweat. You’ll complete great service projects, but it won’t always be easy. You’ll meet some great people, but you won’t always see eye-to-eye. It’s about learning, working hard for the environment and our communities, and giving something back. We’re glad you’re interested in joining us!

Position Types

Below is a summary of position types by program.

Program Models: Youth Programming Conservation Corps Crew Veterans Fire Corps Individual Placements Leadership Opportunity Ancestral Lands Crew
Arizona Conservation Corps Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Conservation Corps North Carolina No Yes No No Yes No
Conservation Corps New Mexico No Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Appalachian Conservation Corps Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
Southeast Conservation Corps Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Southwest Conservation Corps Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stewards Individual Placements No No No Yes Yes No
Preserve America Youth Summit Yes No No No No No

Who We Serve

Conservation Legacy emphasizes the recruitment and engagement of diverse teams and individuals who learn from each other and their projects in a supportive environment. In selecting participants, Conservation Legacy encourages all types of diversity including, but not limited to; race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, social-economic, and disability.

Conservation Legacy also emphasizes the engagement of local individuals who represent the communities in which they serve. Conservation Legacy intentionally searches for funding sources and program options to support the goal of offering experiences to a wide range of participants.