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Conservation Legacy

Conservation Legacy staff group photo

Staff + Board of Directors

Conservation Legacy Support Staff

Photo of Stacey Alfandre

Stacey Alfandre

Director of Funding Administration

(970) 317-3259
Photo of Jessica Atkins

Jessica Atkins

Payroll and Personnel Coordinator

Photo of Jenn Bartlett

Jenn Bartlett

Senior Director of Program Quality and Impact

Photo of Jennifer Buckner

Jennifer Buckner

Office Assistant

Photo of AJ Cheripka

AJ Cheripka

Admissions Coordinator

Photo of Susan Cimburek

Susan Cimburek

Chief Executive Officer

Photo of Rose Clements

Rose Clements

Communications and Alumni Coordinator

Photo of David Critton

David Critton

Chief Operating Officer

Photo of Jeff Davis

Jeff Davis

Admissions Manager

Photo of Matt Esalio

Matt Esalio

Grants Finance Manager

Photo of David  Hiss

David Hiss

IT Support Coordinator

Photo of Teresa Malone

Teresa Malone

Senior Director of Grants & Agreements

Photo of Rebecca McCormick

Rebecca McCormick

Member Administration Manager

Photo of Andrea  Mosher

Andrea Mosher


Photo of Alyssa Murray

Alyssa Murray

Staff Support Manager

Photo of Jenna Rosengren

Jenna Rosengren

Communications and Marketing Director

Photo of Hilary Simpson

Hilary Simpson

Business Assistant

Photo of Amy Sovocool

Amy Sovocool

Chief External Affairs Officer

Photo of Michael  Swanberg

Michael Swanberg

Field Operations Director

Photo of Belinda  Villanueva

Belinda Villanueva


Board of Directors

Photo of Andrew Moore

Andrew Moore


Photo of Enrique Figueroa

Enrique Figueroa

Vice Chair

Photo of Loretta Pineda

Loretta Pineda


Photo of Karen Rudolph

Karen Rudolph


Photo of Ann  Baker-Easley

Ann Baker-Easley

Immediate Past Chair

Photo of Robert Burkhardt

Robert Burkhardt

Photo of Nelson Cronyn

Nelson Cronyn

Photo of Larry Hand

Larry Hand

Photo of Cornell Torivio

Cornell Torivio

Photo of Philan  Tree

Philan Tree

Photo of Dawnafe Whitesinger

Dawnafe Whitesinger

Photo of Stephany  Wu

Stephany Wu

Photo of Elwood  York

Elwood York