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Conservation Legacy

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Land Acknowledgement

We Acknowledge the land we work on

Below are the land acknowledgements from each of our programs. Conservation Legacy recognizes the importance of honoring the historic relationship Indigenous people established with the land prior to colonization. In our organization-wide efforts to create a more inclusive culture, it is imperative that we establish a shared practice for acknowledgement of the land as an initial step toward reconciling our complex history of national public lands. Each regional program has created their acknowledgement statement unique to their region and intended audience.

Goals of a Land Acknowledgement statement:

  • To establish a statement of respect to be shared at Conservation Legacy’s public events, meetings, and for crew members to read prior to engaging in conservation work at sites throughout the nation
  • To provide one meaningful action step for all staff members to begin to reconcile and heal from a complicated history of genocide, stolen land, forced relocations and assimilation of Indigenous peoples
  • To contribute to an inclusive Conservation Legacy culture

Some helpful resources about traditional lands can be found in a PDF here.



Shirena Trujillo Long (she/her), Director of Diversity and Recruitment


Phone: 970.946.5078

Feedback on any of our Land Acknowledgments above are welcome!