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Conservation Legacy


A message out to our participants—past, present and future

To our Participants,

Our organization envisions a legacy of healthy lands, air and water, thriving people and resilient communities. In these painful times we use our mission, vision and strategic direction to guide us forward. The news in our country about the death of George Floyd, the murder charges recently announced, and national protests is affecting us, our staff, and our members. We are sad, frustrated and condemn the brutal treatment George Floyd and countless others received generation after generation in this country. We stand in solidarity with our communities of color.

Injustice and our country’s systems of inequality not only threaten the lives and wellbeing of our fellow community members; they also threaten the picture of our country’s healthy lands, thriving people and resilient communities. We are holding ourselves accountable and support the dignity and safety of all people—starting with those in the communities we serve and who are serving alongside us every day.

Our mission has never been more important as we bring people together across the country. We dedicate ourselves to being the best examples of public service in all communities that we serve. In doing so, we will call on the strengths of collective thought, collaborative action, empathy, commitment, and grit that are integral to corps culture. Our board, our staff and our members are committed to being better citizens and stewards of all the resources in our country. Thank you for your service and engagement.


Conservation Legacy Leadership Team