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Conservation Legacy


The Start of Something Good


November 2, 2017 | We woke up early Friday morning, had breakfast with the other Conservation Corps, and then packed up the rig for another long drive, this time to Houston. Over the past week, we'd grown relatively close to many of the other members from across the country, especially given the short amount of time. In light of the fact that we were soon to go separate ways, many of us exchanged contact information, followed each other's social media, and exchanged "swag." I was able to get a Montana Corps hoodie from Maggie, in exchange for the SECC off my back. I think Cal made a similar bargain with Bri. We made some good friends that week. 

With that being said, after an accumulative twenty hour road trip earlier in the week, the crew was back on the road, fully representing Southeastern (except for me, still rocking the Montana hoodie). After about four hours, we made it to the FOB in Brazoria, a county on the outskirts of Houston. 

The facility is relatively large. It was a middle school previously, but had obviously been evacuated, and is currently home for the next thirty days. Appalachian crew decided to tag along, so many of us are roommates, in addition to the administrators and NCCC members that are also staying on site. 

After a big breakfast, our first day of on-the-job training involved "mucking and gutting" two houses that were affected by the hurricane pretty badly. All in all, it was a good day. The decontamination process was a little tedious, and thus difficult to get the hang of, the respirators took a little getting used to, and most of us had to drink about a gallon to make up for losing as much water in sweat, due to the Tyvek suits we're to wear all day. That being said, we're doing good work. Once we get the hang of things, this will be a good month. It already is so far.

-Paul Watson, Crew 934