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Conservation Legacy


Board of Directors Statement on Systemic Injustice

June 12, 2020 | Though we have historically remained quiet on broader issues and focused only on conservation and public service, what is happening now is unprecedented and we can no longer remain silent. We hope this statement is consistent with the sentiments of our staff and our members.

Mr. George Floyd was murdered, based on charges brought forth against police officers at the scene of the murder. It was the latest death of a Black man at the hands of police officers, whose mission is to “Serve and Protect”. These two-plus weeks of national protests reflect the anger against such injustices and the unity of people with different skin color to say, “Enough is Enough”. The vast majority of people that have taken to the streets are peaceful, yet the few who have embarked on violence and looting are not to be supported nor condoned.

As an organization, Conservation Legacy stands by its values to increase our underrepresented populations through our shared vision and in our actions. We are proud to have a diverse board of directors that represents our nation’s diversity and our organization’s commitment to members of our various communities. With humility, we acknowledge that there is an enormous challenge ahead for our organization to truly embody the diversity of the nation, but we are confident that we will prevail in being an organization that embraces all voices, particularly those that are currently underrepresented in our organization.

Conservation Legacy does not have answers right now, but we will throw our support behind them as appropriate answers emerge. We will explore our ability to address injustices, recognizing that they are rooted in our country's history of systemic racism. We are holding ourselves accountable and will support the dignity and safety of people—starting with those who serve in and support our organization.

We dedicate ourselves to be the best examples of public service in all communities that we serve. Our board, our leadership team, our management team, our staff, and members are committed to being better citizens and stewards of the resources in our country—particularly its people.


Enrique Figueroa, Board Chair

Rob Spath, Chief Executive Officer