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Conservation Legacy


Conservation Legacy supports the American Climate Corps

September 20, 2023, Durango, Colorado | Conservation Legacy supports the American Climate Corps and efforts to engage additional youth and young adults in conserving our lands and waters.

Conservation Legacy, an organization dedicated to supporting local communities, nurturing future leaders, and preserving our natural environment, is excited to announce its support for the American Climate Corps initiative.

The American Climate Corps initiative offers numerous benefits to young people, including the creation of jobs, the acquisition of vital skills, and the opportunity to complete meaningful projects across the nation. The initiative's goals of addressing climate challenges, restoring ecosystems, and enhancing community resilience, strongly align with the values of our organization. Conservation Legacy is well positioned to assist, support and lead innovative projects contributing to a more resilient future for all Americans.

"We have a responsibility, rooted in our communities and ecosystems, to work to ensure our lands, air and water can be resilient in a world affected by climate change," stated Conservation Legacy President, Amy Sovocool. "We applaud the focus on engaging a diverse array of young people in these efforts and look forward to supporting the development of a workforce trained and capable of meeting the needs of the future."

As we embark on this significant endeavor, Conservation Legacy eagerly anticipates the support of and engagement with, our federal partners and other stakeholders who play a crucial role in strengthening our capacity to drive meaningful change. With their support, we can expand opportunities for youth and young adults to participate in Climate Corps initiatives—paving the way for a sustainable future.

Conservation Legacy is a nonprofit organization deeply committed to engaging future leaders who protect, restore, and enhance our nation’s lands through community-based service. For over 25 years, Conservation Legacy has envisioned a legacy of healthy lands, air and water; thriving people and resilient communities. In 2023, Conservation Legacy engaged over 2,300 youth, young adults, and veterans in conservation, restoration and community development projects and contributed 1.3 million hours of service to public lands. Working in close collaboration with partners across the country, Conservation Legacy advances goals of increasing opportunities in conservation, stewardship, national service and workforce development.

For media inquiries and comprehensive information about Conservation Legacy's involvement in initiatives like the American Climate Corps, please visit our website at, or contact Joey Ruehrwein, Senior Vice President of External Affairs at